Notice & Landing Page

Important announcement, the request website has changed (hopefully for the better)!

The following websites will be used to request content on Plex (, as well as planned maintenance notifications. You will also be able to report issues for content already on Plex e.g. corrupt or unplayable file.

Movie Requests:
TV Show Requests:

You can login with just your Username and Password.

The new request platform has more features and a better interface. However, you’ll need to login to the respective website based on what you’re trying to request or report, unfortunately it isn’t possible to combine Movie and TV shows under the same website.

For the best performance when streaming media, make sure to set your playback to Maximum/Original/Direct Play so that the video is not transcoding. When transcoding, picture quality will be degraded significantly. Most will stream at 1080p or 720p.

If you would like to support my Plex server, you can donate here.

If you experience any issues with please email me at: Administrator ( at ) sabbott ( dot ) net

Thank you!